Merrimack Valley Soccer

Merrimack Valley Soccer

Talent is God given, Be humble, Fame is man-given, Be grateful. Conceit is self-given, Be careful. – John Wooden

Promoting sportsmanship in soccer, one player, one team and especially one parent at a time.

Merrimack Valley Soccer is not a business or non profit. This is a landing website for the various players , teams and organizations we support through our volunteer efforts.

I along with friends from local soccer organizations and other parents of soccer players volunteer our time to assist schools, clubs and groups of interested soccer players to organize soccer activities. This website serves as a convenient vehicle to post information for players and their families to locate current information on programs and schedules for the teams and players we are supporting in these organizations.

With my children being active participants in Methuen youth sports I have made friendships with many area youth coaches.  I have volunteered my time to Methuen Youth Soccer, coaching and Board of Directors, as well as many soccer clubs over the years.  I built relationships with many community soccer coaches, club coaches, high school and college coaches.  They all have been a resource in providing their services to assist or deliver  training activities for the organizations I volunteered my services.

During the winter and summer months I hope by organizing these activities players and families can enjoy the game of soccer all year round and players have the opportunity to continue to develop their soccer abilities.

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